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Use It Or Loose It!

We are nearing the end of the year and NOW is the time to use the money you saved before you loose it!  Don't run to the drug store to pick up band aides and cough syrup, make an appointment with Eye Appeal and put it towards something you'll really use.  
Here are some great ideas on how to put your HSA money to good use...

  • An eye exam including refraction and dilation if needed

  • A second pair of glasses

    • to use as a back up

    • get a pair for the computer

    • as an alternate pair and build your eyewear wardrobe

    • on a beautiful pair of sunglasses

    • get a pair for a more sporty look or activity 

  • Contact Lenses​

    • complete the yearly supply your insurance didn't cover​

    • use your insurance for glasses?  use your HSA for contacts

    • contact lens evaluation to see if your a good candidate for contacts

Call to make your appointment before December 31st
and use your Health Saving Account  before you loose it.


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